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ITI Treatment Guide Volume 2

Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry – Partially Dentate Patients

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ITI Treatment Guide Volume 2 - Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry Partially Dentate Patient

Volume 2 of the ITI Treatment Guide deals with the clinical aspects of various treatment protocols in the anterior and posterior regions for both single- and multi-tooth gaps as well as for free-end situations.

Besides an analysis of recent literature on the topic of "Loading protocols in implant dentistry", Volume 2 provides the practitioner with a framework for risk analysis and subsequent implant treatment planning for partially dentate patients.

Volume 2 also contains detailed, step-by-step patient cases documented with photographs. The reader is taken through the treatment stages using 16 cases and the basis of the decision for the chosen treatment and loading protocol is explained in detail.

Finally, tables are presented for various indications such as "Posterior free-end situations" and "Anterior single-tooth gaps", which can be applied in practice to assess the complexity of implant cases according to the ITI SAC classification ("Straightforward", "Advanced" and "Complex").


Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD
Dean Morton, BDS, MS

Case Contributors

Stephen Chen, MDSc, Dr
Anthony Dickinson, BDSC, MSD
Christopher Evans, BDSc Hons (Qld), MDSc (Melb)
German O. Gallucci, DMD, Dr med dent
Christopher Hart, BDSc, Grad Dip Clin Dent, MDSc
Frank Higginbottom, DDS
Murray Kaufman, DDS
William C. Martin, DMD, MS
Yasushi Nakajima, DDS
Mario Roccuzzo, DMD, Dr med dent
Adam Rosenberg, BDS, MS
James Ruskin, DMD, MD, Professor
Bruno Schmid, DMD
Gary Solnit, DDS, MS
Francesca Vailati, MD, DMD, MSc
Thomas G. Wilson Jr, DDS, PA

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