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The application portal for Scholarships opens on this page for one month each year from June 1 until June 30.

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You can apply for an ITI Scholarship in June. All information about the application process can be found under application tips below. Once the application portal closes at the end of June, screening for compliance with the professional requirements below takes place. The selection process starts in October at the ITI Leadership Development Committee meeting. You will receive the final information on the status of your application at the end of February at the latest.

The Scholarship year starts in September of the year after applying.

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Professional requirements

Applications must fulfill the requirements below in order to apply for an ITI Scholarship.

  • A BDS, DDS or equivalent diploma
  • At least two years' postgraduate training in a dental specialization such as periodontology, oral surgery, prosthodontics or similar. Alternatively, three years of professional clinical experience as a qualified dentist including implant-related experience is acceptable. Postgraduate training must be finished by the time the Scholarship year starts, but applications may be submitted while the applicant is still in training.
  • Commitment to teaching and education
  • Language certificates for non-native speakers are required by the beginning of the ITI Scholarship year by certain ITI Scholarship Centers, please see individual ITI Scholarship Centers descriptions on the ITI website. Where no requirement is specified, language certificates for non-native speakers are recommended, but not mandatory.

Documents required for application

The documents below need to be provided during the online application process. These documents, except the picture, must be signed by hand, saved as PDFs and uploaded to the application profile:

  • A copy of ID/passport
  • A personal letter of intent (no longer than 2 pages) addressed to the ITI Leadership Development Committee explaining why you feel you would benefit from an ITI Scholarship, with particular emphasis on your professional aspirations for the future. Please upload the signed letter of intent as a single PDF. Please click here to download the guidelines for the letter of intent
  • Two signed letters of recommendation - the recommendations should be recent (current year) and ideally be made by a professor, ITI Fellow or similar. Please note that only recommendation letters signed by hand will be accepted
  • A picture (passport format - JPG, minimum size 140 x 185 pixel)
  • Language certificate (not mandatory)

Complete the online application process

Application tips

To successfully complete the online application process, please note the following:

During the online application process you will be asked about your education, training and experience. Please make sure to be as specific as possible and include everything you feel might be important for the ITI Leadership Development Committee to know. If you are not sure whether it is relevant – include it. You will be guided through the process and can save and change your information until the online application portal shuts down on June 30 at midnight UTC.

Don’t forget to click on submit at the end of the application process! Applications that are not submitted by the deadline will not be accepted.

Make sure you include any research involvement you have had for both past and on-going projects. If a publication resulted or is being reviewed for publication, mention it. This also includes books and chapters within books that you have (co-)authored. And if you have any clinical experience, specialty training, or had oral and poster presentations accepted, do not forget to mention them too.

The intention letter, that must also be included, will also give you the opportunity to further highlight your qualifications and clearly communicate your motivation to the Committee (see the example here).

  • The online application portal is open from May 31 at midnight (UTC) until June 30 at midnight (UTC)
  • The letter of intent and the two recommendation letters must be in English and signed by hand (electronic signatures will not be accepted)
  • All documents must be uploaded to the online application portal in PDF format
  • Make sure you have the email addresses of your two supporters
  • Study the list of ITI Scholarship Centers and select two different Centers
  • Late applications will not be accepted
  • Please also see the list of Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering about your chances? Would you like to know what makes for the typical successful candidate? The average age of ITI Scholars is 32, and they have attended a full-time postgraduate program. They usually have at least one peer-reviewed paper (accepted to be) published and have already presented a poster. ITI Scholars are generally looking to progress their career in implant dentistry and become future leaders in the ITI and the implant dentistry industry. This is the profile of a typical ITI Scholar; however, not a guarantee of acceptance or refusal.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Does an age limit apply for ITI Scholarship applicants?

No, there is no age limit when it comes to applying for an ITI Scholarship.

How can I apply for an ITI Scholarship?

Please follow the link to the application portal (available here from May 31, midnight UTC until June 30, midnight UTC), log in and fill in the required information. ITI Members are requested to enter their login information (email address and password), while non-ITI Members must create a profile by entering their personal details as well as a valid email address and a password. The applicant’s email address and password are the login information, which must be used each time the applicant returns to the online application form.

When does the ITI Scholarship online application portal open and close?

The portal for ITI Scholarship applications opens on May 31 at midnight UTC each year until June 30, midnight UTC.

When does the ITI Scholarship year start?

The ITI Scholarship year starts on September 1 of the year following application and ends on August 31 of the subsequent year. There are a couple of exceptions to this schedule and these are highlighted in the Scholarship Center description.

What should I write in my letter of intent and how long should it be?

The letter of intent is a letter from you to the ITI Leadership Development Committee that summarizes the reasons why you believe you should receive an ITI Scholarship and how you would benefit from the experience in the long term. This includes your professional intentions for the future and whether they include teaching in any form. The letter of intent should be no longer than 2 pages. Please upload the letter of intent on the application portal as a single PDF. For more details please click here.

Is it necessary to be an ITI Member to apply for an ITI Scholarship?

No, ITI membership is not a prerequisite. Any young dentist who fulfills the ITI Scholarship application requirements can apply for an ITI Scholarship.

Is a language certificate necessary for non-native speakers when applying for a specific ITI Scholarship Center?

No language certificate is required at the time of application. However, some ITI Scholarship Centers may request a certificate before the start of the Scholarship year. Details of requirements can be found in the description of each ITI Scholarship Center.

Will I definitely be allocated to one of the two ITI Scholarship Centers that I enter in my Scholarship application?

The ITI Leadership Development Committee tries to allocate the applicant to one of the two ITI Scholarship Centers listed by the applicant, but it is not always possible. The applicant may be allocated to another ITI Scholarship Center if someone else has already been allocated to the preferred Centers. With several hundred applicants and only limited places, the competition for each ITI Scholarship Center place is high.

I am only interested in one Scholarship Center, do I have to put down two?

Yes. Since allocation to your first choice ITI Scholarship Center cannot be guaranteed, only applications that specify two different ITI Scholarship Centers will be evaluated by the ITI Leadership Development Committee.

Must all my attachments be in English?

No. Only the letter of intent and the two letters of recommendation must be in English.

Should I send my documentation to ITI Headquarters?

No. Do not send anything to do with an ITI Scholarship application to ITI Headquarters. The online application form includes all the sections that you must fill in to ensure we have the necessary information. Please upload documents and images as requested.

To whom should my letters of intent and recommendation be addressed?

All the letters should be addressed to the ITI Leadership Development Committee at ITI Headquarters in Basel and must be uploaded as a PDF during the online application process when requested. Do not send any separate attachments via email or conventional mail as these will not be accepted.

In which format should I provide my attachments?

Please save all your written attachments (BDS, DDS or equivalent diploma, letter of intent, two recommendation letters, language certificate if available) as PDFs and a picture of you as a JPG, so that you have them ready for upload during the online application process. Please make sure that the documents are each less than 5 MB in size.

What is a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a letter that is written and signed by an academic in a supervisory position who is familiar with your work and progress. This letter should state why the sender believes that the applicant should be awarded an ITI Scholarship and should demonstrate familiarity with your work, personality and current goals. The recommendation letter should ideally be written by a professor, ITI Fellow or similar. The ITI Leadership Development Committee will only accept letters that were printed and signed by the supporter before being scanned as PDFs - electronic signatures may not be inserted separately. Recommendation letters must be current, i.e. dated from the year of application.

Do I need to provide a CV?

No. You cannot and do not need to attach a CV. All the necessary information is requested during the application process.

Can I apply for an ITI Scholarship while I am still a postgraduate?

Postgraduate training must be finished by the time the Scholarship year starts, but applications may be submitted while the applicant is still in training.

Do I have to fill in and submit the online application form in one session?

No. As long as the portal is open, the application form can be accessed, edited and saved as many times as required. Applicants may return to their online application profile and make any corrections or additions until the official deadline. It is possible to print out the application before submitting it. The application should only be submitted once all the necessary information has been included. After submission it is no longer possible to make any changes or print out your application.

What is the Scholarship application portal?

The application portal is the equivalent of an online application form. Once applicants have logged in, they will be guided through the application process.

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