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The digital ITI journal that provides you with insight into current topics in implant dentistry.

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From feature articles to views and practical tips

After 17 years as a traditional print publication, Forum Implantologicum is now 100% online. The ITI's peer-reviewed online journal provides you with pertinent scientific information on implant dentistry topics of current relevance translated into the context of daily clinical practice. It also features individual insights as well as practical tips.

All articles are published in English and then translated into Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Turkish.

ITI Fellows and Members also have access to the online versions of all available issues from the past in various languages below.

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Highlighting the challenges and trends in implant dentistry.

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Transitioning evidence-based research into clinical practice.

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Delivering clinically relevant articles by global opinion leaders.

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Editorial Board

  • Michael Bornstein



  • Vedrana Braut


  • Nadine Brodala


  • Ali Tahmaseb


  • Alvin Yeo


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Forum Implantologicum

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to back issues of Forum Implantologicum?

Print versions of back issues are not available. ITI Members and Fellows have access to the online versions of all available issues of Forum Implantologicum.

Can I submit an article for publication in Forum Implantologicum?

Generally, every issue of Forum Implantologicum is devoted to a main topic agreed upon by the Editorial Board.

As a general rule, the articles in Forum Implantologicum are by invitation only. Nevertheless, individuals can submit articles for review and discussion by the Editorial Board.

Unsolicited articles can be submitted as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) via email to the editorial office at ITI Headquarters. They will be reviewed by the Editorial Board at its next meeting in order to determine their appropriateness for publication in one of the upcoming issues. Authors will be notified of the Editorial Board’s decision after the meeting. As a matter of policy, the Editorial Board does not provide any reasons for not accepting submissions for publication.

How do I get a subscription to Forum Implantologicum?

As of 2021, Forum Implantologicum is published exclusively in digital format.

All ITI Members and Fellows have access to the online versions of all available issues of Forum Implantologicum.


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