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ITI Headquarters

Located in Basel, Switzerland, ITI Headquarters is the administrative and operational center that ensures the smooth running of the organization.

Name Position
Dr. Alexander Ochsner CEO
Dr. Kati Benthaus Chief Science & Education Officer
Giovanna Cacioppo Office Manager
Deborah Bader Process Manager Research
Anna Häuptli Manager Education
Matthias Kirsch CFO
Marco Damiano Senior Controller
Stefan Buchser Accountant
Jini Heller Chief Education Development Officer
Petra Werder Senior Manager Events
Sven Pfeiffer Senior Manager Events
Rahel Seiler Manager Events
Kai Hussong CIO
Martin Tereh Senior eLearning Specialist
Matthias Jehle Project Manager & IT Business Analyst
Katalina Cano eLearning Specialist
Melanie Währy Project Manager
Philipp Nueesch CMO
Matthias Joesch Head of Communications
Suvi Rantanen Digital Marketing Manager
Thomas Smedzik Product Manager
Rebecca Reif Communications Manager
Ania Dardas Freelancer, Communications

For general inquiries, please contact the team at:

ITI International Team for Implantology
ITI Headquarters
Peter Merian-Weg 10
CH-4052 Basel

Tel.: +41 (0)61 270 83 83
[email protected]