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Zurich, Switzerland

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Prof. Dr. Murali Srinivasan is clinic director of the clinic for General-, Special care-, and Geriatric dentistry (ABS), at the Center of Dental Medicine, at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He also hold a post as a Privat Docent with the Division of Gerodontology and Removable Prosthodontics, at the University Clinics of Dental Medicine, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

He received his bachelor’s degree in dental surgery in 1996 and a master’s degree in dental surgery specializing in prosthodontics in 2001 from India. He was the head of department of advanced dentistry and implantology in a well-reputed self-aided boutique hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 2006. He came to Geneva, Switzerland after being awarded the prestigious ITI scholarship in 2011. Subsequently, after the completion of the scholarship programme, he was offered a research position and a post of a lecturer in the division of gerodontology and removable prosthodontics. In 2013, he was nominated and elected fellow of the ITI (International Team for Implantology, Basel, Switzerland). Dr. Srinivasan obtained his doctorate in dental medicine (Dr. Med. Dent.) from the university of Geneva in 2015; and his MAS (Master of advanced studies in Dentistry in reconstructive dentistry specialising in gerodontology and removable prosthodontics) at the University of Geneva, in 2016, and Privat Docent (PD) in 2019. 

His areas of expertise and research involve mainly, removable prosthodontics, implant assisted fixed and removable prosthodontics, prosthodontic rehabilitation of elderly and geriatric patients, patients with dementia and CAD-CAM technology in the field of removable prosthodontics. He is an active member of various reputed dental organisations, and has authored numerous scientific publications in well-reputed peer-reviewed dental journals.

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Murali Srinivasan has no financial relationships to disclose regarding authorship of ITI educational content and there are no conflicts of interest.