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Structured Assessment and Treatment Planning

Digital Approach to Implant Dentistry

German Gallucci

The aim of this lecture is to take the viewer through the digital workflow, from treatment planning to the reconstructive phase. Superimposing DICOM and STL files in an appropriate software allows for precise planning of the implant treatment and production of the surgical stent. For the surgical stent to be accurate, it must be properly seated; this lecture addresses in detail how to produce a precise stent in most demanding cases - edentulous patients. Furthermore, it takes us through the steps of guided implant placement as well as the possibilities and accuracy of digital impressions. Finally, the workflow for prosthodontic production is explained. The lecture presents scientific evidence regarding the accuracy, reproducibility, and cost effectiveness of the digital approach in implant dentistry.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • explain virtual planning in implant dentistry
  • discuss the production and seating of a surgical stent
  • describe the process of intraoral scanning
  • describe the digital workflow for production of prosthodontics
  • discuss advantages and limitations of the digital approach
51 minutes
ITI Congress Middle East 2015
0.87 hours
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Publication date: Nov 30, 2016 Last review date: Nov 23, 2020 Next review date: Nov 23, 2023
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