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The Program

The Program

Since 1998, the ITI has supported over 300 Scholars from more than 50 different countries.

The goals of the ITI Scholarship Program are to help clinicians further their training in implant dentistry and related treatments and to foster international exchange along with professional networking as an enriching educational experience and to help develop future leaders in implant education and the ITI.

The ITI awards up to 25 Scholarships each year. The program allows ITI Scholars to gain insight into case planning, implant surgery and prosthetic restorations and, in most ITI Scholarship Centers, also into research and teaching.

ITI Scholars spend their Scholarship year at one of the ITI Scholarship Centers around the world. These are university departments or clinics under the supervision of longstanding ITI Fellows, all experts in the field of implant dentistry. The ITI Scholarship Centers have been chosen for their ability to provide insight into every aspect of implant treatment for patients in line with the ITI philosophy, which encompasses scientific credibility and a sense of responsibility towards the patient  through a non-profit academic organization of clinicians and researchers in a scientific alliance

Each Center and its Scholarship Center Chair organizes the Scholarship program independently. Candidates can determine where their needs would be best served by reading the descriptions of each of the ITI Scholarship Centers on this website. Any issues or queries may be discussed before application by contacting the Centers directly.

The ITI supports each ITI Scholar with a stipend equivalent to 30,000 Swiss Francs towards living expenses. The stipend is paid in a predefined currency as seen in the table below and is calculated in line with purchasing-power parity.

Please refer to the table below for the currencies and the stipend amounts that apply to the different ITI Scholarship Center countries:

Country of ITI Scholarship Center Currency ITI Scholarship Stipend*
Austria Euro (EUR) 25,000.00
Brazil US Dollar (USD) 21,800.00
Canada Canadian Dollar (CAD) 39,000.00
China US Dollar (USD) 21,800.00
Germany Euro (EUR) 25,000.00
Italy Euro (EUR) 25,000.00
Japan Japanese Yen (JPY) 2,400,000.00
Mexico US Dollar (USD) 32,600.00
Serbia Euro (EUR) 25,000.00
Spain Euro (EUR) 25,000.00
Sweden Euro (EUR) 25,000.00
Switzerland Swiss Franc (CHF) 30,000.00
UK Pounds Sterling (GBP) 20,400.00
USA US Dollar (USD) 32,600.00

* The figures listed are valid for ITI Scholars who start their ITI Scholarship in 2020.

The ITI Scholarship year starts on September 1 and ends on August 31 of the subsequent year.

The ITI anticipates that ITI Scholars will remain involved in the ITI after their Scholarship year as active members. To enable an ITI Scholar to become more familiar with the ITI and its activities already during the Scholarship year, each Scholar is given free ITI Membership for the duration of the Scholarship year.

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