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Modern Oral Implantology

In association with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA

Course information

This ITI Education Week, held at Harvard University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, has been designed for clinicians with experience in the field of implant dentistry. The program focuses on comprehensive treatment planning in the form of cases that will be presented, discussed and applied on simulation models. This five-day course includes lectures, live surgeries and live prosthetics. It also includes useful translational research information that has a direct impact on clinical applications, underscoring the evidence-based treatment concepts the school applies.

Event location

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Difficulty level Advanced/Complex
Language English
Venue Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Location 188 Longwood Ave
Country United States
State / Region MA 02115
City Boston

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Education Week Boston - Faculty


Course director
German O. Gallucci, D.M.D.
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences
Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Dr Juan Pena Cardelles
Dr Gary Finelle
Dr Bernard Friedland
Dr German Gallucci
Dr William Giannobile
Dr Adam Hamilton
Dr Alejandro Lanis
Dr Jason Lee
Dr Sang Lee
Dr Ignacio Pedrinaci
Dr Dominique Rousson
Dr Charlotte Stilwell
Dr Lorenzo Tavelli
Dr Hans-Peter Weber

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ITI Education Week Boston - Accordion - Learning Objectives and Course Details

Learning objectives

  • Benefit from actively participating in comprehensive implant treatment planning activities
  • Experience the advantages and challenges of digital workflows in implant dentistry
  • Plan prosthodontically driven implant placement
  • Distinguish the indications for immediate, early, and late implant placement
  • Make evidence based decisions about implant loading times
  • Understand indications for sinus floor elevation and approaches vs. the use of short implants
  • Discuss implant and implant prosthodontics complications, their prevention and treatment

Course details

•    Current Trends in Implant Treatment Planning
•    3D Imaging in Implant Dentistry
•    Virtual Planning
•    Guided Implant Placement
•    Digital Workflow in Implant Prosthodontics
•    Implant Placement Following Tooth Extraction
•    Sinus Floor Elevation
•    Short Implants
•    Contemporary Materials for Implant Restorations
•    Implant Loading Protocols
•    Optimizing Prosthetic Outcomes with Implant Prostheses
•    Implant Prosthetic Options for Fully Edentulous Patients
•    Prevention and Treatment of Complications in Implant Dentistry
Hands-on workshops
1.    Digital Treatment Planning
2.    Digital Design of a Surgical Guide
3.    Sinus Floor Elevation
4.    Digital Design and Milling of Implant Restorations
5.    Problem Solving in Implant Dentistry - Interactive Case Discussion


Participants can access the course material 4 weeks prior to the course via an online classroom.

The detailed program will be published at the beginning of 2023.


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Education Week Boston - Course Fee/General Information

Course fee/general information

ITI Fellow / ITI Member: USD 5,000
Student ITI Member: USD 2,500
Non-ITI Member: USD 6,250
Student Non-ITI Member: USD 4,000




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