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ONLINE: Aesthetic Challenges when Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth in the Maxilla in the digital era

In association with the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Dental School

Course information

The Melbourne ITI Education Week is aimed at dental practitioners with an interest in dental implantology and who would like to gain insights into the treatment planning for aestethics in the digital world. This course will be held fully online and the sessions are recorded and will be available to the participants until End of April 2022. 


Difficulty level Straightforward/Advanced
Language English
Venue Online - via Zoom

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ITI Education Week Melbourne - Accordion - Learning objectives and course details


Course directors
Prof Ivan Darby
BDS, PhD, FRACDS (Perio)
Head of Periodontics
Convener Postgraduate Periodontics
Director of Graduate Studies
Melbourne Dental School
University of Melbourne

Hossam El-Haddad 
CPD Academic Lead
Melbourne Dental School 
The University of Melbourne

Course presenters
Prof. Stephen Chen
Prof. Ivan Darby
Dr. Anthony Dickinson
Dr. Hossam El-Haddad
Dr. Adam Hamilton
Assoc. Prof. Roy Judge
Dr. Carolina Perez Rodiguez
Dr. Philip Tan
Dr. Benedicta Wong


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Learning objectives

Prosthetic learning objectives

  • To describe the indicators for either a fixed implant-retained prosthesis (I-FDP) or a removable implant-retained prosthesis (I-RDP) in providing an acceptable outcome

  • To identify the restorative implications in the selection of the appropriate sites for the placement of two or more implants in an expanded edentulous site in the maxillary aesthetic zone.

  • To identify the clinical criteria and processes for a type 1A (immediate placement and immediate restoration) treatment approach to replace a single tooth in the maxillary aesthetic zone. 

Surgical Learning objectives

  • Describe post-extraction dimensional changes in the anterior maxilla for multiple missing teeth and the impact on subsequent implant placement

  • Describe surgical steps to minimise and/or compensate post-exraction dimensional changes in the anterior maxilla for multiple missing teeth

  • List the advantages of software planning and guided surgery for the replacement of multiple missing maxillary anterior teeth with implants. 

Course details

Session 1: Treatment planning: What should I be looking for? 

  • Ridge alterations following tooth extraction and ridge preservation
  • Prosthodontic and surgical pre-operative evaluation and treatment planning
  • Fail to plan...plan to fail

Date: February 7, 2021 I 6pm - 9 pm AEDT
Moderator: Roy Judge
Presenters: Stephen Chen, Anthony Dickinson
Panel members: Adam Hamilton, Benedicta Wong

Session 2: Soft and hard tissue management

  • Timing of implant placement and soft tissue grafting
  • Principals of GBR
  • Number and distribution of implants

Date: February 14, 2021 I 6pm - 9 pm AEDT
Moderator: Ivan Darby
Presenters: Stephen Chen, Benedicta Wong
Panel members: Sarah Chin, Carolina Perez Rodriguez

Session 3: Design for interim and definitive prostheses

  • Provisionalisation and soft tissue conditioning
  • Abutment selection and design of definitive prostheses
  • Combining implants and partial removable dental prostheses

Date: February 21, 2021 I 6pm - 9 pm AEDT
Moderator: Adam Hamilton
Presenters: Anthony Dickinson, Carolina Perez Rodriguez
Panel members: Stephen Chen, Hossam El-Haddad, Philip Tan

Session 4: Design for interim and definitive prostheses

  • Fully edentulous maxilla (fixed vs. removable)
  • Digital and analog considerations
  • Full-arch immediate prosthesis

Date: February 28, 2021 I 6pm - 9 pm AEDT
Moderator: Anthony Dickinson
Presenters: Hossam El-Haddad, Adam Hamilton, Philip Tan
Panel members: Stephen Chen

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Education Week Melbourne - Course Fee/General Information

Course fee

ITI Fellow/ITI Member 
Full course:AUD    800.00
Single session:AUD    240.00
Non-ITI Member 
Full course:AUD   1'000.00
Single session:AUD      300.00


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