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Patient-centered oral implantology

Including wet lab workshops on human specimens at Palazzo Greppi, University of Milano

Course information

The ITI Education Week Milan was designed for participants to take a  deep dive into modern implantology by combining theory and case discussion with hands-on sessions in the cadaver lab. The program starts with three days of lectures in Milan that are driven by digital workflows and a focus on the long-term stability and success of the treatment, given by international speakers known for their passion for esthetics. This is followed by two days in the amazing setting of a 15th century building in Cremona that houses a cadaver lab in its basement. A unique learning experience, a networking opportunity, an Italian journey through evidence-based dentistry.

Event location

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Difficulty level Advanced
Language English
Venue University of Milano, Palazzo Greppi
Location Via Sant’Antonio 10
Country Italy
City Milan

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Education Week Milan - Faculty


Course Director

Prof. Eugenio ROMEO


  • Raffaele CAVALCANTI
  • Matteo CHIAPASCO
  • Giacomo OTERI
  • Sergio PIANO
  • Mario ROCCUZZO
  • Eugenio ROMEO
  • Alessandro ROSSI
  • Stefano STORELLI
  • Piero VENEZIA

Education Week Milan- Accordion

Learning outcomes

  • Patient-centered implant planning: a holistic approach 
  • Digital imaging and digital surgical planning
  • Prosthetic-driven tissue regeneration
  • Short and tilted implants for atrophic jaws 
  • Digital implant workflows in partially and fully edentulous patients 
  • Immediate loading in edentulous patients
  • Implant placement in post-extractive sites
  • Long-term success of implant treatment: strategies and tactics 
  • Peri-implant soft tissue management 
  • Soft-tissue harvesting techniques (wet lab)
  • Management of soft-tissue graft and substitutes (wet lab) 
  • Hard-tissue harvesting techniques (wet lab)
  • Modeling and fixation of bone blocks (wet lab)
  • Management of complications (wet lab)

Course details

The Education week kicks off in Milan with the patient-centered implant and prosthetic workflow. It starts with a detailed assessment of patient’s oral and systemic conditions, the implant treatment plan will then be developed from the integration of the various available data into the digital workflow. Participants will acquire knowledge on the use of tilted and short implants to achieve reliable restorations in atrophic jaws and will learn how to classify and use immediate loading protocols, and place implants in post-extractive sites. Soft-tissue and peri-implant soft-tissue management will be the focus of the last day of lectures before moving to the cadaver lab in the small town of Cremona for two days of hands-on sessions. In the wet lab, participants will acquire techniques for hard- and soft-tissue harvesting and placement and will be confronted with complex surgical cases.


University of Milano, called “La Statale” has been founded in 1924 by Luigi Mangiagalli, physician and ginecologist who brought to life a dream: have the first university of Milano. The school of Dentistry is within the Santi Paolo e Carlo campus.


ITI Education Week: Milan - Diploma

Prepare for the ITI Diploma

The ITI Diploma in Implant Dentistry is aimed at dentists who want to validate their competence in implant dentistry. It takes participants through a credentialing program based on case submissions and an oral examination. Learn more

ITI Education Week: Milan - Diploma Accordion

Covered ITI Diploma case types

For the ITI Diploma assessment, the following eight clinical cases need to be submitted. The case types in bold italics are going to be discussed in various varying level of detail at the ITI Education Week Milan.

4 cases with fixed prosthesis:

  • Single tooth posterior site
  • 2 to 4 teeth posterior space
  • Single tooth maxillary esthetic zone (intercanal)
  • 2 to 4 teeth anterior space*

*comprises the central incisors, the lateral incisors, and the canines

2 cases with removable prosthesis:

  •     Mandibular complete 2-implant overdenture
  •     Maxillary complete or partial dental prosthesis with strategic use of single implant

2 cases concerning continuing care

  •     Management of hardware and/or biological complications
  •     Demonstration of 1-year, 2-year and 3-year follow-up of routine maintenance

Education Week Milan - Course fee/general info

Course fee/general information

ITI Member / ITI Fellow EUR 4,800
Regular EUR 6,000

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