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The Education Week Belgrade is a five-day course in advanced implant dentistry designed for clinicians who aspire to expand and improve their knowledge and skills in this field. The course combines great clinical experience with new digital technologies and provides solutions for solving complex clinical cases such as: implant placement in aesthetic zone, immediate implant placement, full arch rehabilitations, use of short, narrow and full ceramic implants and also advanced surgical procedures such as sinus lift procedures and bone augmentations. The course consists of theoretical part with plenty of fully documented complex clinical cases and evidence-based solutions, live surgeries, live prosthetics and hands-on workshops for each topic. Participants will be able to plan and discuss clinical cases, learn about surgical techniques and all steps in prosthetic restorations, using both, digital and analog workflows. Hands-on workshops are designed with goal of “next day clinical appliance” where participants can ask additional questions and learn clinical tips and tricks in close communication with all lecturers.

We invite you to come to our vibrant city of Belgrade, expand your knowledge, have fun and make new friends!

Event location

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Difficulty level Advanced/Complex
Language English
Venue Belgrade University School of Dentistry

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Education Week Belgrade - Faculty


Course director
Prof. Dr. Aleksa Markovic

Prof. Dr. Zoran Aleksic
Dr. Mirko Glisic
Dr. Branislav Ilic
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bojan Janjic
Dr. Jovana Markovic
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Iva Milinkovic
Dr. Tijana Misic
Prof. Dr. Irena Sailer (Clinic of Dental Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Scepanoivc
Prof. Dr. Shakeel Shahdad (School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London)
Prof. Dr. Ali Tahmaseb (Department of Oral Maxillofacoal Surgery, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam)
Dr. Ana R. Todorovic
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Branka Trifkovic

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ITI Education Week Belgrade - Accordion - Learning Objectives and Course Details

Learning objectives

  • Understanding diagnostic procedures, surgical and restorative treatment planning with actively participation of attendees
  • Learn indications for immediate, early and late implant placement and different loading protocols
  • Become familiar with digital workflow in surgical and prosthetic aspects
  • Acquire knowledge for solving advanced and complex surgical cases including augmentation procedures, full arch rehabilitations and immediate placement simultaneously with GBR procedures
  • Learn step by step producing of implant restorations in various types of edentulism

Course details

  • Anatomical considerations regarding implant therapy in advanced and complex clinical cases
  • CBCT visualization in implant planning
  • Digital prosthetically driven implant planning (DSD, analog and digital set up) – indicative and fully guided surgical template
  • Therapeutic considerations in implant rehabilitation - immediate, early or delayed implant placement
  • Solutions for implant therapy in aesthetic zone– surgical and prosthetic aspects
  • Full arch rehabilitations – treatment options for upper and lower jaw
  • Short and narrow implants in limited anatomical conditions
  • Pure Ceramic implants
  • GBR procedures (bone grafts, bone substitutes and membranes)
  • Sinus lift procedures
  • Computer guided implant placement – advantages and challenges
  • Implant loading protocols
  • Design of temporary and definitive implant restorations, choice of dental materials and abutments in single unit up to full arch situations
  • Impression techniques and impression materials in partially and fully edentulous sites – digital and analog workflows
  • Complications in implant dentistry – prevention and treatment
  • Literature update in current implant therapy topics

Live ops:

  • Immediate single tooth replacement in the aesthetic zone simultaneously with GBR procedure, impression for immediate loading and adaptation of temporary crown
  • Full arch rehabilitation – placement of six implants in the upper jaw, open tray impression technique, digital impression technique, adaptation of temporary bridge
  • Full arch rehabilitation – placement of four implants in the lower jaw using tilted distal implants, open tray impression technique, digital impression technique and adaptation of complete denture
  • Implant placement using computer guided procedures
  • Vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation – sinus lift and bone block grafts
  • Placement of single full ceramic implant in aesthetic zone and immediate restauration

Hands on Workshops:

  • Digital treatment planning and design of surgical guides
  • Digital design of implant restorations
  • Immediate implant placement on working model (esthetic zone). Impression techniques – analog workflow - open and closed tray, digital workflow – optical impression, fabrication of screw retained provisional restoration
  • Full arch rehabilitation - 4 implant placement on working model - lower edentulous jaw. Open tray impression techniques, digital impression technique, immediate loading - adaptation of complete denture
  • Sinus lift and block bone grafts on working model

Education Week Belgrade - Course fee/general information

Course fee/general information

Non-ITI Member: EUR 4,000
ITI Fellow/ITI Member: EUR 3,500
Student Non-ITI Member: EUR 3,000
Student ITI Member: EUR 2,500


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