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Patient History (Anamnesis)

Vedrana Braut

Good clinical outcomes depend on accurate diagnosis, and an accurate diagnosis is based on comprehensive and complete information.

Therefore, the first step in formulating a treatment plan is to obtain a detailed history from the patient.

This essential step in patient assessment, when followed by detailed examination and diagnosis, guides the clinician in formulating an appropriate treatment plan that addresses the patient's needs.

After completing this ITI Academy Module, you should be able to…

  • explain why a detailed patient history (anamnesis) is required in the process of determining a diagnosis
  • distinguish between symptoms and clinical signs
  • list the points of information needed in the anamnesis and the reasons for obtaining this information
Stephen T Chen , Charlotte Stilwell
15 min. + 10 min. for the Assessment
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Patient History (Anamnesis)
Publication date: Nov 26, 2015 Last review date: Nov 20, 2020 Next review date: Nov 20, 2023
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