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Surgical Planning and Procedures

Sinus Floor Elevation – Evolution of a Standard Technique

Bilal Al-Nawas

This lecture covers key aspects of the sinus floor elevation procedure. Indications, drawbacks, tips, details of the technique, graft materials, management of complications (especially membrane perforation), and predictability of the procedure are explained and supported by evidence-based literature. Good-quality illustrations give insight into surgical recommendations, and interesting case presentations help to better explain the technique.
Closed and open sinus elevation techniques are described didactically, and a variety of possible complications are shown. This presentation delivers knowledge in a specialized field of oral implantology in a concise yet comprehensive way. The importance of short implants in combination with sinus floor elevation procedures is emphasized in accordance with the title of the lecture – as a step in the evolution of this technique towards smaller windows and shorter implants.  

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • recognize when to use the open or closed technique
  • discuss the design and dimensions of a lateral window preparation
  • describe the advantages and disadvantages of grafting materials
  • explain how to manage membrane perforation complications
  • discuss the closed elevation technique
46 minutes
ITI Congress Middle East 2015
0.77 hours
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Publication date: Jul 27, 2016 Last review date: Jul 22, 2020 Next review date: Jul 22, 2023
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