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Introduction to Implant Dentistry

Post-Extraction Ridge Alteration - A Risk for Esthetics

Stephen T Chen

This lecture addresses the dimensional alterations to the soft and hard tissues that take place following tooth extraction in the single-tooth site. Excellent visual aids accompany the lecture as Dr. Chen details the healing of the extraction socket and its role in implant therapy. Attention is placed on immediate (Type 1) and early implant placement (Types 2 & 3) and its influence on long-term esthetic outcomes. Clinical outcomes are supported by reference to several studies. The lecture concludes with clinical recommendations from the 5th ITI Consensus Conference.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to...

  • describe the dimensional alterations to the soft and hard tissues following tooth extraction
  • discuss the influence of “bundle bone“ on the potential to achieve esthetic outcomes
  • explain the potential long-term consequences of Type 1 implant placement in the esthetic zone in sites with dehiscence and fenestration defects
  • recognize that therapeutic interventions to the hard and soft tissue are required to compensate for changes to the facial bone following tooth extraction
28 minutes
ITI World Symposium 2014
0.47 hours
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Publication date: Apr 12, 2015 Last review date: Apr 10, 2020 Next review date: Apr 10, 2023
  • Anatomy & Biological Principles
  • Bone Augmentation
  • Bone Grafting
  • Bone Management
  • Bone Remodeling
  • Congress Lecture
  • Early Placement with Bone Healing
  • Early Placement with Soft Tissue Healing
  • English
  • GBR
  • Horizontal Bone Augmentation
  • Immediate Placement
  • Introduction to Implant Dentistry
  • Languages
  • Placement Protocols
  • Ridge Preservation
  • Surgery
  • Wound Healing

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