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mectron Minimizing the Risks in Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevations by Using Piezosurgical Technology

Christian Makary

This lecture discusses lateral and crestal maxillary sinus floor elevation with a special emphasis on radiographic pre-operative planning to detect potential risk factors. It also highlights the importance of piezosurgical technology to augment surgical efficiency and to reduce perioperative complications.

At the end of this lecture you should be able to...

  • understand the importance of radiographic pre-operative planning to detect potential risk factors
  • understand the step-by-step clinical procedures of both crestal and lateral sinus grafting techniques and the advantages of piezosurgery to minimize complications
  • overview clinical and histological outcome of different grafting biomaterials used in maxillary sinus augmentation procedures
62 minutes
Publication date: Jan 30, 2023 Last review date: Jan 23, 2023 Next review date: Jan 23, 2026
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  • Surgical Planning & Procedures

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