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Surgical Planning and Procedures

Minimally Invasive Approach to Minimize Surgical Complications

France Emmanuelle Lambert

In this ITI Congress Lecture, the speaker introduces several clinical scenarios in which narrow-diameter implants should be considered over bone augmentation in an effort to reduce surgical invasiveness. The key findings of a clinical trial on this subject are highlighted. This lecture also challenges the thought process on the use of short implants in the posterior maxilla versus sinus elevation procedures. In addition, the use of tilted implants to avoid grafting procedures is discussed. 

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • understand clinical situations in which narrow-diameter implants can be utilized
  • discuss the success of narrow-diameter implants utilized in various areas of the mouth
  • describe the decision-making processes on the use of short implants versus bone grafting
30 minutes
ITI Congress Benelux 2016
0.5 hours
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15 Academy Coins
Publication date: Jan 8, 2017 Last review date: Jan 2, 2021 Next review date: Jan 2, 2024
  • Bone Augmentation
  • Bone Management
  • Complications
  • Components & Materials
  • Congress Lecture
  • English
  • Implants
  • Languages
  • Outcomes
  • Reduced Diameter Implants
  • Short Implants
  • Sinus Floor Elevation
  • Surgery
  • Surgical Complications
  • Surgical Planning & Procedures

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