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Prosthodontic Planning and Procedures

Management of Edentulous Arches

Dean Morton

This lecture discusses the management of edentulous arches using reduced diameter implants.

Prosthodontic management of edentulous arches is considered advanced to complex. It requires an assessment of the patient’s expectations and desires; previous denture history; variable esthetic risks; the immediacy of the implant placement; and the amount of underlying bone. A digital workflow assists in the treatment of such patients. The focus of this lecture is the assessment of the risk factors, including the modifying factors, and a treatment protocol using reduced diameter implants to support removable and fixed full-arch implant restorations.

This presentation clearly shows that basic prosthodontic assessment and treatment protocols apply with reduced diameter implants for patients with either removable or fixed full-arch restorations. The lecture concludes with case presentations of patients with complex edentulous arches using digital workflow and reduced diameter implants.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • recognize the SAC risk assessment for edentulous patients

  • describe the basic prosthodontic principles in treatment planning edentulous patients

  • describe how a digital workflow assists clinicians in the management of edentulous patients

55 minutes
ITI Congress Southern Africa 2019
0.92 hours
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Publication date: Jul 22, 2020 Last review date: Jul 15, 2020 Next review date: Jul 15, 2023
  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Case Type
  • Components & Materials
  • Digital Planning
  • Edentulous Mandible
  • Edentulous Maxilla
  • English
  • FDP
  • Implants
  • Languages
  • Prosthesis Design
  • Prosthodontic Planning & Procedures
  • Prosthodontically Driven Planning
  • Prosthodontics
  • RDP
  • Reduced Diameter Implants
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Factors
  • Treatment Planning

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