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Implant Removal: Indications and Surgical Techniques

Waldemar Daudt Polido

Dental implant placement has become a widely accepted treatment approach and has revolutionized dentistry in the last few decades. Although implants have high survival and success rates, they are not immune to complications. Implant failure can have various etiologies such as malposition, damage of the implant or prosthetic components, infection, advanced peri-implantitis, and damage of the adjacent anatomical structures. As a consequence, implant removal has unfortunately become more and more common. Bone and soft tissue reconstruction following implant removal are almost always necessary. This lecture discusses minimally invasive techniques for implant removal to preserve bone and soft tissues.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • identify the indications for removing an osseointegrated implant
  • recognize basic principles for implant removal
  • outline different surgical techniques for implant removal
  • list rehabilitation strategies that can be used after removing an implant  
29 minutes
ITI Online Academy Recordings, Basel, Switzerland, 2017
0.48 hours
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Publication date: Nov 7, 2017 Last review date: Oct 30, 2017 Next review date: Oct 30, 2020
  • Anatomy & Biological Principles
  • Biological Complications
  • Bone Augmentation
  • Bone Management
  • Complications
  • Congress Lecture
  • English
  • Explantation
  • Explantation Techniques
  • Failure
  • Languages
  • Mechanical/Technical Complications
  • Mucositis
  • Outcomes
  • Peri-Implantitis
  • Site Reconstruction
  • Success and Survival
  • Surgery
  • Surgical Complications
  • Surgical Planning & Procedures
  • Wound Healing

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