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Treatment Outcomes and Continuing Care

Hardware Maintenance of Implant-supported Fixed Dental Prostheses

John Hyun Uk Cho

Hardware or technical complications occur about twice as frequently as biological complications. Moreover, hardware complications can lead to biological complications, which are typically more severe. This lecture explains how hardware maintenance can “make or break” implant treatment. Topics covered include the effect of materials, prosthesis fit, and occlusion on maintenance requirements. Guidelines for a maintenance protocol are presented, including the necessary armamentarium as well as who should perform it – the restorative clinician, the hygienist, or the surgeon - and the time points at which it should happen.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • explain the rationale for hardware maintenance
  • describe materials and their correct usage
  • discuss the impact of prostheses fit on hardware complications
  • discuss the impact of occlusion on hardware complications
  • identify when maintenance should be performed, and by whom
21 minutes
ITI Online Academy Recordings, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018
0.37 hours
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Publication date: Jan 8, 2019 Last review date: Jan 1, 2021 Next review date: Jan 1, 2024
  • Biological Complications
  • Complications
  • Components & Materials
  • Congress Lecture
  • English
  • FDP
  • Languages
  • Mechanical/Technical Complications
  • Outcomes
  • Prosthesis Design
  • Prosthodontics
  • Treatment Outcomes & Continuing Care

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