Congress Lecture

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Prosthodontic Planning and Procedures

Cement vs. Screw Retention

Julia-Gabriela Wittneben Matter

The lecture describes treatment planning for screw-retained and cemented prostheses and includes clinical cases related to each procedure. Advantages and disadvantages of screw- and cement-retained prostheses are given, including indications for each. Specific aspects of single-tooth implant prostheses, implant fixed dental prostheses (FDP), and full-arch prostheses are presented.

Dr. Wittneben also shares the results of clinical studies on the relationship of residual cement and margin position to the incidence of peri-implantitis. She outlines the research supporting the most recent ITI Consensus Statements related to screw vs. cement retention. This lecture concludes with clinical recommendations regarding the selection of a retention method.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to...

  • plan implant positioning according to the intended type of prosthesis retention
  • design prostheses for screw-retained and/or cement-retained implant situations
  • list indications for both types of retention options 
30 minutes
ITI World Symposium 2014
0.5 hours
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15 Academy Coins
Publication date: Apr 12, 2015 Last review date: Apr 10, 2020 Next review date: Apr 10, 2023
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