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Surgical Planning and Procedures

Allogenic Bone Substitutes in Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

Peer Wolfgang Kämmerer

This is a recording of Peer Wolfgang Kämmerer's Webinar on ITI Academy live.

The limited availability and the morbidity of autologous bone harvesting made the development of allogenic, xenogenic and synthetic bone substitute materials necessary. In the course of the lecture, allogenic bone substitute materials will be presented as an alternative to autologous bone. The advantages and potential disadvantages of the materials are explained using the current literature as well as surgical case studies.

At the end of this Lecture you should be able to...

  • recognize indications for allogenic bone

  • explain different techniques using allogenic bone

  • discuss advantages, disadvantages and risks of allogenic bone

50 minutes
ITI Academy live webinar
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Publication date: Feb 24, 2022 Last review date: Feb 17, 2022 Next review date: Feb 17, 2025
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