Tissue Integration

The phenomenon of integration of dental implants into bone has revolutionized how missing teeth can be replaced. Implants are anchored in bone tissue and penetrate the soft tissue and it is essential to understand the integration around dental implant prostheses to achieve optimal outcomes.

This Learning Pathway looks at how hard and soft tissue integration occurs. It also examines the effect of the implant/abutment interface design on the outcome and stability of the marginal tissues and demonstrates this in two clinical case examples.

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to...

  • define hard and soft tissue integration of dental implants
  • discuss how hard tissue integration or osseointegration occurs
  • discuss how soft tissue integration occurs and contrast this to teeth
  • relate the effects of different implant/abutment connections on marginal tissues
Publication date: Aug 30, 2015 Last review date: Aug 23, 2020 Next review date: Aug 23, 2023
  • Abutment Selection
  • Anatomy & Biological Principles
  • Biologic Width
  • Bone Remodeling
  • Coated Surface
  • Components & Materials
  • English
  • General Topics
  • History of Implant Dentistry
  • Implant Surfaces
  • Implants
  • Introduction to Implant Dentistry
  • Languages
  • Machined Surface
  • One-Piece Implants
  • Osseointegration
  • Osteotomy Procedure
  • Pathway
  • Peri-Implant Mucosa
  • Prosthodontics
  • Rough Surface
  • Surgery
  • Titanium Implants
  • Two-Piece Implants

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