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Learning Pathways

Content clusters that combine evidence-based guidelines with examples from clinical practice.

Our self-instructional Learning Pathways guide you systematically through individual topics in implant dentistry. From theory to clinical application, different learning formats provide you with key information on each topic.

Access the Pathway Map to explore our content landscape and to select your Pathways. You can bookmark Pathways and add them to your “My Academy” area for easy and direct access.


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is a Learning Pathway?

Learning Pathways are content clusters preselected by our Editors. They explain and illustrate learning topics by combining the theoretical knowledge from the Theory & Principles area with examples from clinical practice taken from the Clinical Applications area. These tailor-made packages are continuously updated to offer a 360° view of all topics in implant dentistry.

How can I find the Learning Pathway I'm looking for?

Enter a keyword in the Pathway overview or click through the categories of the Pathway map to narrow down your search.

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