Surgical Complications

Surgical complications are unintended, unwanted and unexpected adverse events that may occur during or following a surgical procedure. In implant therapy, some surgical complications may be minor and not affect the outcome of treatment, whereas others may be severe enough to not only affect the function and survival of implants and their prostheses but also pose a general threat to the patient. In this Learning Pathway, the common surgical complications that may be encountered are discussed. The Learning Pathway also looks at different techniques and strategies that aim to reduce risk of intra-operative surgical complications and reports on the consensus as to effectiveness at the present time.

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to…

  • define and outline the most frequent surgical complications in implant therapy
  • list preventative steps to reduce risk of complications
  • discuss management strategies for common complications
Publication date: Sep 27, 2016 Last review date: Sep 22, 2020 Next review date: Sep 22, 2023
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