Role of Implants in Dentistry

This Pathway outlines the role of implants in dentistry and emphasises the importance of a prosthodontically driven approach to assessment and planning. The Pathway discusses strategic considerations for tooth maintenance versus replacement with implants and as well as implant survival and success. The Pathway also compares published outcomes of fixed conventional prosthodontic treatment options with fixed implant-supported options.

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to...

  • list prosthodontic indications for implant therapy
  • discuss strategic considerations for maintenance of teeth versus replacement with implant-supported options
  • compare outcomes of implant therapy to other conventional prosthodontic solutions
  • explain the purpose and importance of a prosthodontically driven approach
  • outline the predictability of periodontal therapy in maintaining periodontally compromised teeth.
Publication date: Oct 13, 2014 Last review date: Apr 10, 2020 Next review date: Apr 10, 2023
  • Abutment Loosening
  • Abutment/Framework Fracture
  • Biological Complications
  • Complications
  • English
  • Esthetic Complications
  • Failure
  • General Topics
  • Implant Fracture
  • Implants vs. Conventional Dentistry
  • Introduction to Implant Dentistry
  • Languages
  • Literature and Evidence
  • Long-Term Data
  • Mechanical/Technical Complications
  • Mucositis
  • Outcomes
  • Pathway
  • Peri-Implantitis
  • Screw Fracture
  • Screw Loosening
  • Success and Survival
  • Veneer Fracture
  • Wear

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