Prosthodontic Planning Principles for Implant Placement

Regardless of the location or extent of treatment, the planning of implant therapy should always be prosthodontically driven. This ensures that the implant placement will serve the needs of the prostheses and will be compatible with the desired end result. This Learning Pathway will discuss the prosthodontic planning principles that should be observed preceding implant placement including consideration of all relevant prosthodontic factors and an appropriate diagnostic work-up. The Learning Pathway comprises a Learning Module, a Congress Lecture, and three Clinical Cases.

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to:

  • discuss general prosthodontic planning considerations related to implant therapy
  • explain the benefits of a diagnostic prosthodontic work-up for implant placement
  • outline the specific planning points for implant prostheses and their supporting implants
Publication date: Sep 4, 2017 Last review date: Aug 29, 2021 Next review date: Aug 29, 2024
  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Communication
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Diagnostic Wax/Setup
  • English
  • Esthetics
  • General Topics
  • Interpreting Diagnostic Data
  • Languages
  • Pathway
  • Prosthesis Design
  • Prosthodontic Planning & Procedures
  • Prosthodontically Driven Planning
  • Prosthodontics
  • Study Cast
  • Treatment Planning

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