Legal Aspects

Wherever you may practice implant dentistry, there will be laws and regulations that govern dental practice. This Learning Pathway provides an overview of the likely legal and ethical considerations you should be familiar with in the environment in which you practice.

The Learning Pathway explains how to obtain continuing informed consent; how to adequately document the entire period of care for a given patient; and how to develop a structured treatment proposal that reflects its risks and potential complications. This Learning Pathway also shows how to use the SAC Classification to determine the complexity of a case, so that clinicians can decide whether to proceed with a treatment or refer the case to a more experienced practitioner. Examples of comprehensive patient documentation in the presence of implant complications are included.

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to...

  • recognize the legal environment in which you practice
  • describe the key factors in obtaining informed patient consent
  • outline necessary medicolegal documentation
  • explain the concepts of “duty of care” and “ethical obligations”
  • describe the components of a structured treatment proposal
  • use the SAC Classification to determine case complexity and risk
Publication date: Jul 29, 2015 Last review date: Jul 23, 2020 Next review date: Jul 23, 2023
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  • Case Documentation
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  • Legal Aspects
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  • Practising Implant Dentistry & Self Directed Learning
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  • SAC Classification
  • Treatment Planning
  • Treatment Prognosis
  • Treatment Proposal

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