Evaluating Scientific Literature for Clinical Best Practice

Ongoing identification and evaluation of relevant scientific literature is a fundamental factor in providing patients with the most current and appropriate treatment possible. This Learning Pathway begins with a Learning Module that presents step-by-step techniques for searching the scientific literature together with criteria for assessing the quality of the resulting literature. The Learning Pathway then offers two lectures: one discusses credibility of literature in general, and the other is an example of linking clinical documentation to the available evidence to appraise the effectiveness, in this case, of periodontal therapy. The Learning Pathway also includes two examples of a Consensus Statement and Treatment Guideline that arose from a systematic review of the evidence.

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to:

  • identify the forms and location of dental literature
  • explain the types of bias in research studies and how bias can be minimized
  • identify the levels of scientific evidence and their merits
  • establish an effective literature search
  • recognize the value of a personal reference management database
  • describe examples of deriving treatment guidelines from the systematic appraisal of the literature
Publication date: Mar 29, 2016 Last review date: Mar 24, 2021 Next review date: Mar 24, 2024
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  • English
  • General Topics
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  • Literature and Evidence
  • Pathway
  • Practising Implant Dentistry & Self Directed Learning

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