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Give your professional knowledge a boost according to the highest standards of continuing education in implant dentistry! You can now access educational online content free of charge until April 30, 2020. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity – explore your various options below!


Learning Pathways

The Learning Pathways guide you systematically through individual topics in implant dentistry. From theory to clinical application, different learning formats provide you with key information on each topic.


Congress Lectures and Learning Modules

Did you know that we offer a wide choice of Learning Modules and Congress Lectures by leading industry experts in our ITI Academy? They will provide you with a strong basis to meet the treatment challenges you face in daily practice. 


Clinical Case Videos and Reports

Our Clinical Case Videos and Reports demonstrate how the evidence-based learning content from our congress lectures and learning modules are put into practice. All case examples included are classified according to the ITI SAC risk and complexity framework and provide long-term follow-up evidence to validate the treatment protocols employed.

Always free

Test your knowledge free of charge. Our Assessments address a wide variety of subjects in implant dentistry and help you identify your knowledge gaps. 

SAC tool 
The SAC Assessment Tool reflects the normative guidelines developed by the ITI for various types of restorative and surgical cases. This tool distills the content of the SAC book in an easy-to-use process, taking you through each step necessary to identify the degree of complexity and potential risk involved in individual cases. 

Consensus database
You can read all the ITI Consensus Statements and Clinical Recommendations online. Check out our free database of high-level, evidence-based and peer-reviewed guidelines for the predictable application of treatment concepts.

Special offer!

ITI Curriculum

Discover a flexible educational program combining online and hands-on training and benefit from a limited-time discount of USD 500. Get a broad theoretical basis in implant dentistry with the ITI Curriculum Foundation level.

Additional benefits for ITI Members

Become an ITI Member and gain access to even more valuable online content:

Online Study Clubs
Meet your colleagues online to exchange news, views and information. Check to see if your Study Club is already online.

Discussion Forum
Reach out to colleagues everywhere on anything related to implant dentistry through our global discussion forum. Take advantage of their experience and expertise to acquire insight or be the one to help others. 

Treatment Guides
Come to grips with different clinical situations step by step by studying our ITI Treatment Guide book series - a unique compendium of evidence-based treatment methods in implant dentistry.

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