Mechanical and Technical Risks

General Comments

The review addressing mechanical/technical risks in implant therapy was based solely on controlled studies (i.e, with or without exposure to the mechanical/ technical risks).

In terms of the quantity of the evidence, for each of the 10 identified mechanical/technical risks, a wide range in the number of included publications was found (e.g, between 1 and 14).

In terms of the quality of the evidence, the level of evidence ranged from randomized clinical trials to prospective and retrospective cohort studies.

A standardized classification of prosthetic complications is lacking.

Consensus Statements

With respect to mechanical/technical risks, the following recommendations can be made:

  • In general, implant reconstructions should be planned to minimize mechanical/technical risks.
  • Patients receiving implant therapy should receive regular maintenance care in order to detect mechanical/technical complications early, particularly in patients with overdentures.
  • Both cemented and screw-retained implant-supported reconstructions can be recommended.
  • Patients should be evaluated for bruxism.

Treatment Guidelines

Downloads and References

  • 4th ITI Consensus Conference
  • Consensus Statement
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  • Prosthodontic Planning & Procedures

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