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About the Scholarship Center

The ITI Scholarship Center at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) is based in the Department of Prosthodontics under the supervision of the Professor and Department Chair Dr. Wael Att, Dr. Andre Barbisan de Souza, Assistant Professor in the field of Implant Dentistry and Dr. Hans-Peter Weber, Emeritus Professor of Prosthodontics. The ITI Scholarship Center at TUSDM gives Scholars the opportunity to be integrated in several activities - including seeing their own patients - in the advanced education programs offered by the Department of Prosthodontics (i.e., AGE Programs in implant dentistry).

ITI Scholars will also spend a portion of their time at Tufts Dental Implant Center, which is an interdisciplinary unit comprised by faculties with extensive experience in prosthodontics, periodontics and digital dentistry, under the supervision of Dr. Eikaterini Antonellou.


Overview of clinical activities during the Scholarship year

The ITI Scholar will participate in the following clinical activities:

  • Treatment planning sessions
  • Observing clinical patient treatment
  • Assisting in patient treatment
  • Treating patients under supervision
    • placing implants
    • restoring implants
  • Treating patients alone
    • placing implants
    • restoring implants

The Scholar's time will be allocated to the activities below as follows (estimate):

  • 50% patient care
  • 30% research
  • 20% didactic

The Department is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which enables full digital workflow for patient treatment as well as for conducting research. The ITI Scholars’ activities will include patient care (from surgical treatment planning and execution to final rehabilitation), assisting in patient treatment, translational clinical research, postgraduate training and teaching.

Special requirements for this Scholarship Center

The ITI Scholar will be required to obtain either TOEFL or IELTS certificate as proof of proficiency in English (for non-native-English speakers) with a minimum score of 90 by the beginning of the ITI Scholarship program. This will allow the ITI Scholar to obtain a limited license from the Board of Registration in Dentistry in Massachusetts. The limited license is necessary to work with patients.

Contact details

Chair: Dr. Wael Att
Professor and Chair - Department of Prosthodontics - TUSDM

One Kneeland Street - Boston, MA 02111
Email: [email protected]


Program Coordinator: Dr. Andre Barbisan De Souza
Assistant Professor - Department of Prosthodontics - TUSDM
One Kneeland Street - Boston, MA 02111
Email: [email protected]