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About the Scholarship Center

The Department of Stomatology, Ninth People’s Hospital Affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine was founded in 1920. Second Dental Clinic is the department that trains postgraduate students and residents and consists of faculties that deal with oral surgery, periodontology, prosthodontics and other implant-related subjects. A large amount of experience and solid working knowledge have been gathered on the multidisciplinary treatment of patients with severe periodontitis and extremely absorbed jaws. A large number of patients also provide students with ample hands-on opportunities.

ITI Scholars work directly with the department Chair and have 100% access to all the seminars, discussions and continuing education courses. ITI Scholars are encouraged to become actively involved in all the areas of care and research related to the field of implant dentistry and tissue regeneration during their time at the Scholarship Center. Additionally, ITI Scholars are expected to publish papers in international peer-reviewed journals in collaboration with the fellows and postgraduate students.


Overview of clinical activities during the Scholarship year

The ITI Scholar will participate in the following clinical activities:

  • Observing and assisting in patient treatment
  • Treating patients under supervision
    • Initial consultation
    • 3D preoperative implant planning and design
    • Implant-related prosthetic and periodontal treatment
    • Surgical placement
    • Superstructure restoration
    • Patient maintenance
    • Treatment of complications and failing implants
  • Ongoing research projects
    • The application of real-time surgical navigation for implant placement in edentulous patients
    • Implant therapy for patients with extremely atrophic jaws
    • Treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis
    • Implant treatment and genomic basis of ectodermal dysplasia
    • Accuracy study of optical navigation controlling surgical robot
  • Education
    • Weekly literature seminars and reviews
    • Weekly patient treatment planning and discussions
    • Implant-related multidisciplinary seminars
    • Continuing education programs organized by the department (4-5 times per year)
  • Undergraduate student teaching

The Scholar’s time will be allocated to the following activities as follows (estimate):

  • 50% patient care
  • 20% research
  • 20% education received
  • 10% teaching


Special requirements for this Scholarship Center

An internationally recognized dental degree. Postgraduate training in a dental specialization such as oral implants, periodontology, oral surgery, prosthodontics and professional clinical experience as a licensed dentist.
Language requirements: Since English is the second teaching language in the institute, the seminars in the department are in English. Therefore, ITI Scholars are required to be fluent in English.


Contact details

Chair: Yiqun Wu, DDS, PhD
Second Dental Clinic
Ninth People’s Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Medicine
No. 280 Mohe Road

Email: [email protected]