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André Schroeder Research Prize

One of the most prestigious awards in dentistry, the André Schroeder Research Prize serves to promote new scientific findings in implant dentistry and related fields.

Established in 1992, the André Schroeder Research Prize is an annual award presented by the ITI in honor of the late Professor André Schroeder (1918-2004), the founding ITI President, who pioneered implant dentistry and whose lifework contributed significantly to modern dentistry.

Nowadays the ITI awards two André Schroeder Research prizes annually for original research in implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration and related fields.

The André Schroeder Prize for Preclinical Research and The André Schroeder Prize for Clinical Research are today among the most highly sought-after awards in implant dentistry. They are awarded to independent researchers for advancing research in the field of implant dentistry. The two winners are each awarded a cash prize of CHF 10,000 as well as a gold commemarative medallion and a flight to the congress at which the award will be presented by the ITI President.

How to apply 1

How to apply

New scientific insights: Apply for the André Schroeder Research Prizes 2024 by September 15!

If you have new findings in implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration and related fields then check the application requirements and apply now!

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Andre Schroeder - How to apply (accordion)

Application requirements

Please make sure the requirements below are met in order to ensure that your application is accepted for evaluation:

  • The published paper or accepted manuscript must be accepted/first published between Sept 15, 2021 and Sept 15, 2022. Where a paper was initially published as an (early) online publication before appearing in print, the date on which the paper was first published online will apply
  • The submission must be an original research paper in the area of implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration or related fields
  • The paper must be in English
  • The first author must be the first applicant
  • The first author may only submit 1 application per deadline
  • All co-authors as listed on the paper must be indicated in the application


  • Previous André Schroeder Research Prize winners cannot reapply as first author, but are welcome to apply as a co-author
  • Unpublished papers that have not been accepted for publication will not be considered
  • Systematic reviews will not be considered


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ITI Portlet for Vue Application

To apply for the Andre Schroeder Research Prize 2024, please log in with your ITI account (for ITI members or ITI Academy users) or create a free account using the buttons below.

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ASRP - 2022 awards ceremony v2

Award ceremony 2023

The André Schroeder Research Prizes will be awarded at the ITI Annual Conference in Lisbon, Portugal on May 6, 2023.

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ASRP - Video Interviews

Video interviews

Watch video interviews with previous winners in which they share their thoughts on winning the André Schroeder Research Prize and its impact on their career.

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Lisa Heitz-Mayfield - video


Lisa Heitz-Mayfield

Yuelian Liu - video


Yuelian Liu

Jung-Chul Park - video


Jung-Chul Park

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Previous winners

Previous winners

Since 1992, the scientists below have been awarded the André Schroeder Research Prize.

Previous Winners - Accordion

















Xiaolong Zhu
Analogue-of-bone of nano-hydroxyapatite/collagen as a coating for titanium implants - Preparation, characterization and cell adhesion


Michael Hänggi
Crestal bone changes around titanium implants. Part 1. A prospective radiographic evaluation of nonsubmerged impants in humans up to 3 years





Alexandra Behneke
Klinische Bewährung transgingivaler enossaler Implantate in verschiedenen Indiktationsgebieten - Ergebnisse einer prospektiven Studie über 8 Jahre


Siegfried Heckmann
Clinical-mechanical investigations of prosthesis load transfer to implant and bone





Franz Sutter
The new restorative concept of the ITI Dental Implant System


Dieter Weingart

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