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General information

Where can I get help to log in to my profile?

To log in to your ITI profile click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner on the global ITI website at You need your email address with which you registered and your password. If you forget your password, you can easily reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link.

Can I choose any official ITI language for publications irrespective of the country I live in?

Yes, the country is not relevant and you can choose the official ITI language that suits you best.

Can I apply for an ITI Scholarship while I am still a postgraduate?

Postgraduate training must be finished by the time the Scholarship year starts, but applications may be submitted while the applicant is still in training.

What is the ITI’s connection to Straumann?

The ITI enjoys a unique relationship with Straumann, a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry. Both organizations share the goal of developing optimal treatment solutions to the benefit of patients. This partnership dates back almost 40 years and is guided by the following statements:

1.           Straumann provides funding, expertise and support to the ITI

2.           Decisions are made in the mutual interest of both parties

Do ITI Members get a discount on ITI Treatment Guides?

In cooperation with Quintessence Publishing Group, the ITI offers Fellows and Members a discount on all ITI Treatment Guides when purchased online directly from Quintessence.

What’s the registration fee for students?

Students benefit from a significant discount of up to 60% on the country-specific one-year membership fee for a maximum of three consecutive years (no two/three-year membership available).  Each Section decides on the level of discount for its student membership.



After registering, I could not complete the payment process. Who can help me?

Membership administration ([email protected]) will provide the necessary support.

My credit card does not work or is not being accepted. What options do I have?

Many credit card companies in different countries (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) employ measures to decrease credit card fraud. For example, if the amount charged to a credit card is unusually high or appears suspect in another way, the system blocks the transaction and the payment cannot be executed. Call your credit card company directly to deal with this issue. The registration process also offers the option of paying via PayPal.

Can the membership fee be paid in instalments?

Your membership cannot be paid in instalments. The fee for ITI membership must be paid in full.

Is there a penalty for not renewing in time?

You will lose access to ITI membership benefits - This means:

- You cannot attend Study Club meetings
- You do not have access to our digital offerings
- Your profile and friend connections are not accessible
- You cannot benefit from discounted fees (Treatment Guides, Curriculum, Education Weeks, Dental Practice Management course, Events)

Your ITI membership will be changed to an affiliate account. You will have to reactivate your account. To do so, please login with your details and click on MyITI, Overview and click on Become an ITI Member. 

What can I do if I have not paid the membership fee on time?

You will have to reactivate your account. To do so, please login with your details and click on MyITI, Overview and click on Become an ITI Member. You can also click on Membership at the upper navigation and click on Become a Member.

How can I pay/renew my membership fee without a credit card?

The registration process for ITI membership on the website offers credit card (including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Union Pay, JCP) and PayPal payment. For certain European countries, SEPA payment is possible as well.

Can I pay for my ITI membership in cash or by check?

Cash or check are not possible. We accept credit cards (preferred payment option) or PayPal for payment of membership fees.

Where can I find my payment confirmation?

You can download your payment confirmation on the Settings page (login to Please go to Membership, Certificates & Billing. Under membership status you will find a Get payment confirmation link.

Where can I get my membership certificate?

You can download your ITI membership certificate on the Settings page. Please go to Membership, Certificates & Billing. Under membership status you will find a Get membership certificate button.

Membership renewal

I registered in May this year. Do I have to wait until May to renew my ITI membership?

Our membership fee is charged by calendar year from January to December. Members who register before July 1 are charged pro rata until the end of December and need to renew their membership from the following January for an entire year.

How can I renew my ITI membership?

Please login with your ITI membership and go to the Become a Member page, where you will find a Renew now link. You can also extend your ITI membership in the Settings for your ITI profile. Go to Membership, Certificates & Billing where you will find the Extend membership link.

I don’t want to renew my membership, what do I have to do?

Of course, we very much regret that you have decided to leave the ITI. Your ITI membership does not renew automatically and expires at the end of the year. If there is anything else we can do to make the ITI membership even more attractive, please send an email to [email protected]

ITI Contact - ITI Headquarters - [email protected]

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