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ITI Curriculum

I am already an implant dentist and have placed numerous implants throughout my career. Is this Curriculum for me?
Yes. You will benefit from a structured learning program at your own pace and the Curriculum offers two levels. At the Foundation level, you can consolidate your theoretical basic knowledge and clinical skills. At the Intermediate level you will plan, place and restore implants in straightforward and advanced indications, respectively, according to ITI principles and protocols.

What prerequisites are necessary to register for the Curriculum?
You should be a dental practitioner with the relevant degrees and certificates from your country of operation, a post-graduate or undergraduate student of dental sciences.

Do I have access to a course tutor?
No. This program is designed for self-learning and provides all the tools necessary to monitor your progress.

ITI Curriculum Foundation level

What is the duration of the hands-on excercise at Foundation level?
In the case of an onsite hands-on excercise the duration is usually 1 day. In the case of an online hands-on excercise the duration is approx. 60-90 minutes. 

Where can I find the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level classroom?
After registration for the ITI Online Curriculum Foundation level, you can find the ITI Curriculum Foundation level classroom in your My Academy.

Can I do the entire Foundation level online?
If you are doing the ITI Curriculum Foundation level From Home, yes the entire program is online, with the exception of the hands-on program. If you are registered with one of the provider institutions or universities listed on our website, then you will be advised on the accordingly.

What do I do if I cannot find a Curriculum provider institution or university in my location?

You should contact your local ITI Section Manager or ITI HQ at [email protected]

Can I place implants after I complete the Foundation level course?
No. The Foundation level course provides you with a clear theoretical framework in preparation for the clinical and surgical aspects of implant dentistry, which can then be studied at the Intermediate level of the Curriculum.

How much time do I need to complete the online course for the Foundation level?
The Foundation level course can be completed at your own pace. We recommend you do not take more than 18 months to complete it, including all the assessments.

ITI Curriculum Intermediate level

Can I do the entire Intermediate level online?
The Intermediate level program must be taken with one of the partner institutions or universities listed on our website.

How and when do I have to register for the hands-on program?
We advise you to enroll as early as possible directly with one of the provider institutions or universities listed on our website.

What do I do if I cannot find a hands-on workshop in my location?
You should contact your local ITI Section Manager or ITI HQ at [email protected].

Examinations and assessments

What is the difference between a final examination and a formative assessment?
A final examination is the exam which counts towards certification. A formative assessment is a learning tool to assist and measure your learning progress.

How do I successfully complete the final exam?
The final examination is a multiple choice online exam, consisting of 80 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. The pass rate for this exam is 60% and must be completed successfully for certification.

How many times can I retake the final examination?
As many times as necessary in order to pass and successfully complete the certification level. You will need to pay a fee of USD 250 each time you retake the exam.

How many times can I retake the formative assessments?
As many times as you wish until you are confident that you have done well and understood the content of the module.

Why does the Curriculum include formative assessments?
The Curriculum includes formative assessments to give participants a clear indication and understanding of their knowledge gaps. It also allows participants to manage their learning plan better.

What is the duration of the final online exam?
The final examination lasts 90 minutes.

How do I best prepare for the final exam?
By attempting and successfully completing all the formative assessments at the end of every module. The final exam will consist of 80 questions in the multiple-choice format that need to be answered in 90 minutes.

Do I have to complete the final exam in one session?
Yes, a timer starts running at the start of the summative examination. You have the option to pause the examination 3 times (the same happens if there is a disconnect for technical reasons) for a total of 90 minutes.

How will I receive my certificate on successful completion?
As an online participant, your local ITI Section Manager will send you the certificate. Participants who do a program with a partner institution on-site will have their ITI certificate sent to that institution.


Why is the course divided into domains?
The use of domains provides a structured approach with which you can better manage your learning journey through the program.

How many times can I take a domain-level assessment?
As many times as required until you completed successfully and the next domain unlocks for you.

Do I have to complete one domain before I can move onto the next?
Yes. The next domain will only unlock once you have successfully completed the previous domain. If you fail the domain-level assessment, the system will advise you go back and review all the modules within the domain.

Do I have to complete all the domains and modules before I can take the final exam?
Yes, access to the final examination is only given once you have completed all domain level assessments.

Payment information

Can I pay my fees in installments?
No, the fee amount has to be paid in full at the time of registration.

I am an ITI Member. Do I still have to pay to do the ITI Curriculum?
Yes, your membership fee covers the standard membership benefits. The ITI Curriculum fee covers all the Curriculum content, assessments, exams, and certification.

Contact information

Who do I contact if I need help/explanations regarding the online course content?
Contact the Curriculum support at [email protected] if you have questions about the course content.

Who do I contact if I have problems accessing the online course content?
If you experience access or compatibility issues with the learning content, please contact our technical support at [email protected].

ITI Contact - Odeta Shkembi - [email protected]

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