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Mastering Peri-implantitis Surgery

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Course information

Peri-implantitis is the most common long term risk for implant therapy and the proper management can be crucial to save affected implants. This course includes preparatory modules to build a deep understanding of Peri-implantitis. Then if focuses on the surgical management building step by step understanding of the decision making and design of surgical interventions, as well as the most current techniques and devices. It includes  videos of step-by-step clinical treatments on patients and custom made models. The course is online and self-paced, including interaction with instructors and learning community and certificate. 

Difficulty level Complex
Language English
Location Online
Country Worldwide

Nested Applications

Nested Applications

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Prof. Nikos Mattheos

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the causal network of Peri-implantitis and the main ways to prevent it
  2. Learn how to “read" the peri-implantitis conditions and defect morphology in orderto select the suitable devices and design the most effective individualised protocol !
  3. Learn step by step advanced surgical techniques, resective or regenerative, soft and hard tissue augmentations with autografts and biomaterials.
  4. Learn which device works best in each scenario and decide the proper technology for implant decontamination, antimicrobial therapy and regeneration.
  5. Rehearse step by step techniques demonstrated on models as well as actual clinical cases.

Course details

    Who is this program for?

    Dentists with some experience in Implant Dentistry who are willing to master the surgical management of Peri-implantitis and design and execute  advanced/complex  procedures such as Guided Bone Regeneration and soft-tissue augmention, resective surgery and more.

    What does the program consist of?

    • 3 hrs of webinar, including clinical updater content 
    • 4 clinical case challenges
    • 10 step by step clinical videos 
    • Discussion board, readings, toolbox and resources
    • Assessment 
    • Certificate

    Course fees

    Standard fee:

    USD 320.-

    Special rate for ITI members only:

    USD 256.-

    The first module is always free of charge!

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