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Mastering implants in the aesthetic zone

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From immediate placement, early placement with Guided Bone Regeneration, soft tissue augmentation and guided surgery, this course will address step by step the cutting edge techniques for aesthetic implant therapy.  This course is equally balanced between the two elements of success: mastery of Decision Making and Mastery of the techniques! Through an intuitive teaching and easy to follow decision making trees and pathways, it will help you to design the right pathway for each case. Then, through clinical cases and step-by-step instructional videos it will help you identify the clinical secrets of each procedure and improve your techniques and clinical competence! The course is online and self-paced, including Interaction with instructors and learning community and certificate. Join Free Module 1 now!

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Difficulty level Advanced - Complex
Language English
Location Online
Country Worldwide

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Nested Applications

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Prof. Nikos Mattheos

Learning objectives

  • Decision Making and Treatment Plan: learn how to assess your baseline, read the individual signs from the patient and the anatomy and visualise your destination and final outcome! Start and finish with the "Big Picture"!
  • Immediacy and Guided Surgery. Learn the different protocols for immediate implants and provisionals, each with their strengths, weaknesses and clinical secrets! Learn how to plan and utilize static guided Surgery. 
  • Ridge Preservation. Learn the potential and limitations of ridge preservation techniques and how to fit it within your overall treatment plan.
  • Implants with GBR. Learn the "working horse" of the aesthetic zone and understand how bone augmentation, prosthesis design and soft tissue determine success or failure with this widely applicable protocol.

Course details

    Who is this program for?

    Dentists with some experience in Implant Dentistry who are willing to take the next step with advanced procedures such as Guided Bone Regeneration  and guided surgery and understand complex procedures such as soft-tissue augmention, immediacy and more.

    What does the program consist of?

    • 5 Modules 
    • 14 Webinars
    • 4 clinical case challenges
    • 10 step by step clinical videos 
    • Discussion board, readings, toolbox and resources
    • Assessment 
    • Certificate

    Course fees

    Standard fee:

    USD 320.-

    Special rate for ITI members only:

    USD 256.-

    The first module is always free of charge!

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