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Principles of Evaluating Esthetic Outcomes

Charlotte Stilwell

Implant therapy has proven to be a successful treatment modality that is applicable across a wide range of clinical indications for tooth replacement.

In step with wider use of implant therapy, the demands on the esthetic outcome have also grown.

This module is aimed at assisting clinicians with assessment and discussion of these outcomes with their patients.

After completing this ITI Academy Module, you should be able to…  

  • define implant esthetics
  • assess esthetic outcomes
  • identify cases of esthetic compromise
  • recognize esthetic complications
Stephen T Chen , Anthony S Dawson
21 min. + 10 min. for the Assessment
0.52 hours
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Principles of Evaluating Esthetic Outcomes
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Publication date: Jun 5, 2017 Last review date: May 29, 2017 Next review date: May 29, 2020
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