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Surgical Enhancement of the Soft Tissue Profile

Eduardo R Lorenzana

Patient perceptions of implant-based treatments have matured from the utilitarian to the artistic, reflecting the clinician’s own desire for ideal form, beauty, and the illusion of natural hard and soft tissues. Consequently, as expectations have grown, so have the demands on the prosthodontic and surgical team’s diagnostic and clinical talents. This lecture presents the peri-implant and periodontal tissues as intimate components of any implant-based reconstruction, since overall gingival display and soft tissue quantity and quality can considerably influence the overall implant position as well as the final esthetic outcome. Key periodontal plastic surgery concepts and techniques are presented; these offer the surgical and prosthodontic team the ability to enhance implant soft tissue outcomes and oftentimes repair defects that can compromise the desired esthetic result. 

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • discuss and apply smile analysis and key Esthetic Risk Assessment concepts in relation to implant position and the soft tissue profile
  • utilize periodontal plastic surgery concepts and techniques to enhance implant esthetics
  • understand the importance of incorporating the perio-prosthetic model of soft tissue sculpting to ensure the desired long-term esthetic outcome  
31 minutes
ITI World Symposium 2017
0.53 hours
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Publication date: Feb 6, 2018 Last review date: Jan 30, 2018 Next review date: Jan 30, 2021
  • Anatomy & Biological Principles
  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Congress Lecture
  • English
  • Esthetic Outcome
  • Esthetic Risk Assessment
  • Languages
  • Outcomes
  • Peri-Implant Mucosa
  • Risk Assessment
  • Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Surgery
  • Surgical Planning & Procedures
  • Wound Healing

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