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Structured Assessment and Treatment Planning

Short Implants, Narrow Diameter Implants, Tilted Implants: What Do We Know?

Eik Schiegnitz

This lecture discusses minimally invasive treatment concepts in implant dentistry based on the findings of the 8th ITI Consensus Conference. Dr. Schiegnitz explains which patient groups may benefit from the use of short, narrow, or tilted implants and when. The classifications for short implants and narrow diameter implants from the 8th ITI Consensus Conference are presented. Furthermore, Dr. Schiegnitz discusses the indications, complication rates and types, as well as survival rates of short implants, narrow diameter implants and tilted implants based on systematic reviews and meta analyses of the current scientific body of evidence.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • recognize the importance and impact of pre-operative risk assessment on the decision-making process in regard to minimally invasive treatment concepts involving short, narrow diameter or tilted implants

  • discuss which patients benefit from minimally invasive treatment concepts with short, narrow diameter and tilted implants and why

  • recognize the types and impact of complications associated with minimally invasive treatment concepts compared to conventional treatment concepts

  • discuss the effect of minimally invasive treatment concepts on surgery time and treatment costs

  • describe patient-reported outcomes in regard to the use of short, narrow diameter and tilted implants

39 minutes
ITI Annual Conference 2019 - Berlin, Germany
0.63 hours
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Publication date: Aug 31, 2020 Last review date: Aug 24, 2020 Next review date: Aug 24, 2023
  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Complications
  • Components & Materials
  • English
  • Implants
  • Languages
  • Long-Term Data
  • Outcomes
  • Reduced Diameter Implants
  • Risk Assessment
  • Short Implants
  • Structured Assessment & Treatment Planning
  • Success and Survival

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