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Surgical Planning and Procedures

Prosthetically Guided Regeneration (PGR) in Complex Cases

Paolo Casentini

Although prosthetically driven implantology today presents a well-consolidated concept, it is not always applied, leading to potentially negative results for the implant-supported rehabilitation. The prosthetically driven concept can be even more difficult to apply in the presence of bone defects that can negatively influence the 3D implant position. The concept of prosthetically guided regeneration (PGR) has been codified to create a rational diagnostic and treatment protocol for complex implant cases presenting with bone defects. A special wax-up including the atrophic ridge and teeth makes it possible to recognize and define the presence of defects precisely and will guide the subsequent treatment steps. The PGR protocol also allows the classification of different degrees of atrophy and the selection of the most appropriate reconstructive technique. More accurate planning as well as better communication with the patient and among the treatment team members are further benefits of this approach.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • understand the principle of prosthetically guided regeneration (PGR)
  • classify implant cases presenting with ridge defects according to the PGR concept
  • select the most appropriate reconstructive technique in complex cases
32 minutes
ITI World Symposium 2017
0.53 hours
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Publication date: Jul 3, 2018 Last review date: Jun 26, 2018 Next review date: Jun 26, 2021
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