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Structured Assessment and Treatment Planning

Periodontal Therapy is Stunningly Successful

Ian Needleman

Based on cases from the lecturer’s private practice, this presentation gives an excellent overview of the results that can be achieved with non-surgical periodontal therapy. Clinical documentation is linked to the available evidence on the predictability of preserving teeth and achieving healthy periodontal conditions with little further attachment loss in patients suffering from severe periodontal disease. In addition, evidence is presented to show that periodontal therapy has a statistically significant impact on patient-reported quality of life. Finally, it is underlined that there is no scientific evidence to support replacement of teeth with dental implants if those teeth can be reasonably treated with periodontal therapy - neither from a survival nor from a cost-effective point of view.

After this Congress Lecture you should be able to...

  • recognize the predictability of periodontal therapy in achieving healthy conditions in patients with severe periodontal disease
  • recognize the positive impact of healthy periodontal conditions on self-reported quality of life
21 minutes
ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2015
0.35 hours
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Publication date: Jan 30, 2016 Last review date: Apr 23, 2019 Next review date: Apr 23, 2022
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