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Prosthodontic Planning and Procedures

Innovations in Prosthetic Materials & Latest Techniques

Vincent Fehmer

This lecture discusses the current dental materials available for implant-based restorations and their influence in our treatment choice in the esthetic and non-esthetic zones. The impact of new digital technologies on diagnostic and clinical procedures are also discussed.

A key concept is that different materials are indicated for use in different clinical situations. The combination of various abutment materials (titanium and zirconia), designs (prefabricated and customized), and crown materials (zirconia, lithium disilicates, hybrid ceramic) produce different clinical results. For example, the various zirconia (oxide ceramic) materials have different esthetic translucencies, but also different strengths. The final esthetic appearance of the newer monolithic materials can be influenced by the grey titanium abutments, type of cement used, and veneering porcelain, if any.

The focus of this lecture is the comparison of survival and complication rates of veneered zirconia ceramics to metal ceramics in single crowns and multi-unit fixed dental prostheses. There is limited data on survival and complications for monolithic zirconia restorations. Digital workflows increase work efficiency and decrease the cost of dental treatment, and newer industrialized materials have better mechanical properties.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • recognize the various dental materials available for implant prostheses

  • explain the indications of various materials used in esthetic vs. non-esthetic zones

  • explain the survival and complication rates of zirconia ceramics in implant restorations

48 minutes
ITI Congress Southern Africa 2019
0.8 hours
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Publication date: Jul 22, 2020 Last review date: Jul 15, 2020 Next review date: Jul 15, 2023
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