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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How can I earn Academy Coins?

Earn Academy Coins by completing or retaking any of the free assessments and by improving your assessment scores. Earn more Coins by carrying out various other activities on the platform such as rating content, commenting on content or using the Case Cloud to document your clinical cases.

Where can I see the current balance of my Academy Coins?

Your current balance of Academy Coins is displayed on your My Academy page.

What are Academy Coins?

Academy Coins offer an easy and flexible way to purchase the full spectrum of learning materials in the ITI Academy. They are the currency of the ITI Academy.

Is the amount of Academy Coins I can earn fixed for each Assessment?

After answering all 20 questions of an Assessment, you are shown your result and the Academy Coins you have been awarded. The better you perform, the more coins you earn!

What can I do with the Academy Coins I am awarded for completing Assessments?

You can use Academy Coins to purchase learning content in the ITI Academy, e.g. Learning Modules, Congress Lectures or Clinical Cases.

I am an ITI Member but I cannot open Academy videos. What is the problem?

Check that your membership is valid at this point and that you are using an updated browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox recommended).

Can I earn Academy Coins through badges?

Every badge comes with a few Academy Coins that you can use to purchase ITI Academy content.

How can I purchase Academy items?

Items can be purchased using Academy Coins if there are enough left in your account. An option to buy content directly using your credit card will be available soon. On the detail page of the learning item, click on + Purchase item

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