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Implant Dentistry for the Future. The Current Challenges in Prosthetic Rehabilitation and Tissue Regeneration addressed by the most Advanced and Predictable Clinical Solutions

In association with School of Dentistry, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Course information

The ITI Education Week Rio de Janeiro is a 4-day course that addresses the use of digital technology in implant dentistry today. The course aims to help participants understand, indicate, use and implement various digital tools to improve the outcome and success of implant dentistry in their practice. The course is highly clinically oriented. It includes daily workshops on treatment planning, surgical digital planning of the edentulous patient, surgical digital planning of the partially edentulous patient, computer-guided surgical implant placement and prosthesis planning and production in milling machines, and live implant placement with a computer surgical guide and live prothesis production and delivery. The course also includes lectures on regenerative surgical techniques for the development of the implant site and maintenance therapy protocols.

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Important information: The Education Week has been postponed! We will provide you with further information as soon possible.

Event location

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Difficulty level Straightforward/Advanced/Complex
Language Portuguese/Spanish
Venue LeMonde Business Center, Barra da Tijuca, Brazil/ School of Dentistry, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Education Week Rio de Janeiro - Faculty


Course directors

Prof. Dr. Mauricio Araujo
Department of Dentistry
State University of Maringá
Maringá – Brazil

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Fischer                                                                 
Department of Periodontontics                                                         
State University of Rio de Janeiro                                                        
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil



Mauricio Araujo
Ricardo Fischer

German Gallucci
André Barbisan
Alessandro Januario
Rafael Metropolo
Gustavo Hafalgar
Marcelo Nunes

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ITI Education Week Rio de Janeiro - Accordion - Learning objectives and course details

Learning objectives


  • To diagnose and plan straightforward to complex clinical cases using digital and/or analog workflows
  • To understand how to implement digital planning and guided implant surgery from a single esthetic edentulous site to fully edentulous cases
  • To understand the process of dimensional ridge alterations following tooth extraction and the regenerative approaches for predictable outcomes
  • To understand peri-implant soft tissue characteristics and how to proceed for soft tissue grafting when needed
  • To indicate the different modalities of implant placement following tooth extraction and loading protocols based on current scientific evidence
  • To understand how to implement the digital workflow in different prosthetic rehabilitation using CAD-CAM technology


Course details

Digital and analog diagnosis and treatment planning
• Data acquisition for digital implant planning and guided implant surgery
• Wax-up for digital planning: analog versus digital
• Indications and predictability of guided implant surgery
• Connecting digital planning and guided surgery with prosthetic rehabilitation
• Challenges and complications in guided implant surgery

Management of the implant site
• Minimally invasive tooth extraction
• Ridge preservation
• Ridge augmentation
• Innovative approaches in regenerative therapy
• Keratinized tissue augmentation
• Soft tissue volume augmentation for esthetic purposes

Digital workflow in implant dentistry
• Digital planning for edentulous patients
• Digital planning for partially edentulous patients
• Loading protocols
• Digital planning for esthetic implant sites
• Immediate provisional restorations

Biological and mechanical failures and complications
• Management of mucositis
• Management of periodontitis
• Management of mechanical failures
• Protocol for prevention of failures

• Treatment planning in implant dentistry
• Surgical digital planning for the edentulous patient
• Surgical digital planning for the partially edentulous patient
• Computer guided surgical implant placement
• Prosthesis planning and production in milling machines

Live procedures
• Implant placement with computer surgical guide
Prosthesis production and delivery


Education Week Rio de Janeiro - Course Fee/General Information

Course fee/general information

Non-ITI Member: 8,000 BRL
ITI Fellow/ITI Member: 6,600 BRL
Postgraduate Students: 6,600 BRL

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