Loading Protocols - Definition of Terms and General Statement

Bern 2013

Definition of Terms

The definitions of loading protocols presented by Weber et al(1) were used for the calibration of the systematic reviews and endorsed without modifications by the group as follows:

  • Conventional loading of dental implants is defined as being greater than 2 months subsequent to implant placement.
  • Early loading of dental implants is defined as being between 1 week and 2 months subsequent to implant placement.
  • Immediate loading of dental implants is defined as being earlier than 1 week subsequent to implant placement.


(1) Weber HP, Morton D, Gallucci GO, Roccuzzo M, Cordaro L, Grutter L. Consensus statements and recommended clinical procedures regarding loading protocols. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2009;24(suppl):180–183.

General Statement

Conventional implant loading is predictable in all clinical situations and is particularly recommended in the presence of treatment modifiers such as poor primary implant stability, substantial bone augmentation, implants of reduced dimensions, and compromised host conditions.

Treatment Guidelines


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