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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to be an ITI Member to apply for an ITI Scholarship?

No, ITI Membership is not a prerequisite. Any young dentist who fulfills the ITI Scholarship application requirements can apply for an ITI Scholarship.

2. I am 33 years old. Can I apply for an ITI Scholarship?

If you turned or will turn 33 within the calendar year of application you can apply. Applicants who turn 34 within the calendar year of application can not apply.

3. Can I apply for an ITI Scholarship while I am still a Postgraduate?

Postgraduate training must be finished by the time the Scholarship year starts, but applications may be submitted while the program is still underway.

4. Is a language certificate necessary for non-native speakers when applying for a specific ITI Scholarship Center?

It depends on the individual ITI Scholarship Center. Details of requirements can be found in the description of each ITI Scholarship Center on the ITI website.

5. What is the Scholarship application portal?

The application portal is the equivalent of an online application form with a series of fields that must be filled out with information about the applicant. Applicants can access the portal with a log-in email address and password as often as they wish until they have submitted their application or the portal closes. Once applicants have logged in, they will be guided through the application process.

6. When does the ITI Scholarship online application portal open and close?

The portal for ITI Scholarship applications opens on June 01 each year until June 30.

7. Do I have to fill in and submit the online application form in one session?

No. Once you have created an ITI account with a login and password, use this login and password to access the online application form and complete your data each time you go online. This is known as DRAFT status. You may correct and change the information as often as you wish while your data is in DRAFT mode. Once you are sure that the information is complete, by the deadline specified on the Scholarship application page at the latest, click on the SUBMIT button. After submission of your application, changes are no longer possible.

8. How can I attach my CV?

You cannot and do not need to attach a CV. All the necessary information is requested during the application process and you will be asked to enter it in the online application form.

9. What should I write in my letter of intent and how long should it be?

The letter of intent is a letter from you to the ITI Scholarship Committee that summarizes the reasons why you believe you should receive an ITI Scholarship and how you would benefit from the experience in the long term. This includes your professional intentions for the future and whether they include teaching in any form. The letter of intent should be no longer than 2 pages. Please upload the letter of intent as a single PDF. Fore more details please click here.

10. What is a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a letter that is written and signed by an academic in a supervisory position, who is familiar with your work and progress. This letter should state why the sender believes that the applicant should be awarded an ITI Scholarship and should demonstrate familiarity with your work, personality and current goals. The recommendation letter should ideally be written by a professor, ITI Fellow or similar. The ITI Scholarship Committee will only accept letters that were printed and signed by the supporter before being scanned as PDFs - electronic signatures may not be inserted separately. Please upload recommendation letters dated from the year of application.

11. In which format should I provide my attachments?

Please save all your written attachments as PDFs and your image as a JPG, so that you have them ready for upload during the online application process.

12. To whom should my letters of intent and recommendation be addressed?

All the letters should be addressed to the ITI Scholarship Committee at ITI Headquarters in Basel and must be uploaded as a PDF during the online application process in the place specified. Do not send any separate attachments via email or conventional mail.

13. Should I send my documentation to ITI Headquarters?

No. Do not send anything to do with an ITI Scholarship application to ITI Headquarters. The online application form includes all the sections that you must fill in to ensure we have the necessary information. Please upload documents and images as requested.

14. Must all my attachments be in English?


15. I am only interested in one Scholarship Center, do I have to put down two?

Yes. Only applications that specify two different ITI Scholarship Centers will be passed on for evaluation.

16. Will I definitely be allocated to one of the two ITI Scholarship Centers that I enter in my Scholarship application?

No. The ITI Scholarship Committee tries to allocate the applicant to one of the two ITI Scholarship Centers listed by the applicant, but it is not always possible. The applicant may be allocated to another ITI Scholarship Center if someone else has already been allocated to the preferred Centers. With over 100 applicants for only 22 places, the competition for each ITI Scholarship Center place is high.

17. When and how will I find out whether I have been accepted or not?

All complete applications that have been submitted go to the ITI Scholarship Committee for evaluation. This process has several stages and takes a number of months. Applicants will be informed via email whether they have been accepted or not at the very latest by the end of March of the year following the application.

18. Can I find out why I was not accepted for an ITI Scholarship?

As the number of applications received is usually very high, the evaluation process takes a number of months. A large majority of these applications are of a very high standard so competition for the limited number of places is fierce. As a matter of policy the ITI Scholarship Committee does not go into the reasons for its decision.

19. When does the ITI Scholarship year start?

The ITI Scholarship year starts each year on September 1 and ends on August 31 of the year following application.

20. What kind of financial support does an ITI Scholar receive?

The ITI Foundation awards each ITI Scholar a stipend to the value of CHF 30,000 for the entire year paid in two installments: at the beginning of the Scholarship year - as soon as the ITI Scholarship Center Chair has confirmed the ITI Scholar's start - and after 6 months, once the Scholar's intermediate report has been received and approved by the Scholarship Committee Chair. The stipend is paid in the currency of the Scholarship Center country and is calculated in line with purchasing-power parity. This means that the stipend has the same buying power in the Scholarship Center country as CHF 30,000 in Switzerland.

21. What costs should the stipend cover?

The scholarship stipend with a value of CHF 30,000 is paid in the Scholarship Center country's local currency having been calculated in line with purchasing-power parity. This means that the stipend has the same buying power in the Scholarship Center country as CHF 30,000 in Switzerland. It is intended to contribute towards the living costs of the ITI Scholar during the Scholarship year.

22. Do all ITI Scholars receive the same amount of money?

Every stipend has a value of CHF 30,000 that is paid in the local currency in which the ITI Scholar is spending the year. The amount received is calculated in line with purchasing-power parity according to the rate that is set once a year. This means that the stipend has the same buying power in the Scholarship Center country as CHF 30,000 in Switzerland. This approach eliminates the inequities associated with fluctuating curreny rates and takes into consideration the cost of living in each country.

23. What is the benefit of payment according to purchasing-power parity?

Payment according to purchasing-power partity eliminates the issue of fluctuation in currency exchange rates as it is based on a set of rate that takes factors, such as cost of living into consideration. This ensures that ITI Scholars are treated equitably.

24. In which currency are stipends paid?

Payments are made in six currencies:

Canada: CAD $
Hong Kong: US $
Germany, Italy, Southern Africa, Netherlands, Serbia:
Switzerland: CHF
UK: £
Mexico, USA: US $

25. Which bank account will the stipend be transferred to?

We recommend you open a bank account in the country in which you will be spending the Scholarship year in order to avoid any financial loss that may occur due to fluctuating currency exchange rates and fees. Opening a bank account is normally subject to local regulations that require documentation such as residence permit or social security number.
26. Do I have to pay taxes on the ITI Scholarship stipend?

It is the responsibility of the ITI Scholar to check with the authorities in the country in which the funds are deposited and find out if any taxes or other charges are due.

27. Who covers travel costs to and from the ITI Scholarship Center country?

The ITI Scholars are responsible for organizing and paying their travel costs. The ITI Scholarship stipend is transferred only once the ITI Scholar has officially started the ITI Scholarship year.

28. Can my partner accompany me on my Scholarship year?

This decision is up to the Scholar, but the stipend is intended to contribute towards the living costs of the Scholar only and is very unlikely to cover the expenses of an additional person. The ITI makes no additional contributions beyond the stipend itself.

The ITI Scholar is also responsible for organizing any additional requirements such as visa, health insurance, and work/practice permits, for both the Scholar and an accompanying partner.

29. What about health insurance during the Scholarship year?

The ITI does not organize or provide advice on health insurance. Each ITI Scholar is responsible for organizing his or her own health insurance for the ITI Scholarship year. If no reciprocal arrangement is available between the home country and ITI Scholarship Center country, the ITI Scholar should take out additional health cover.

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