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Grant Restrictions

Grants are normally only awarded to applicants who are affiliated with a university/an academic institution. As a general policy, research grant money is only transferred to university accounts. Particularly relevant projects submitted by non-affiliated applicants will, however, be considered by the ITI Research Committee. Non-affiliated applicants are asked to contact ITI Headquarters at before they draw up their application.

As a general rule, once a grant has been awarded, the Principal Investigator is barred from making any further grant application for a period of three years from the date on which the award was allocated by the Research Committee.

The ITI does not fund thesis projects that are part of master programs, nor does it fund PhD theses. Exceptions may apply if experiments performed during the course of the thesis are part of a broader study run by a university faculty member who would also be the Principle Investigator or co-applicant.

Only applications completed using the 2016 version of the ITI Research Grant Application Form and made in accordance with the 2016 ITI Research Grant Application Guidelines will be considered. The 2016 ITI Research Grant Application Form will be published here soon.

For comprehensive information on restrictions that may apply please refer to the 2016 ITI Research Grant Application Guidelines, which will be published here soon.

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