Severe hard/soft tissue and space discrepancies, and the impact on the patient

  08:15 Diagnosis and planning for space and bone: the digital or analog choice
  08:45 Large bone deficiencies in the anterior maxilla: Surgical choices and long term stability
  09:15 Emerging trends in surgical choices for large bone deficiencies in the anterior maxilla
  09:45 Soft tissue esthetics for extended defects in the maxilla: pink tissue or pink ceramic?
  10:15 Coffee break

Peri-implantitis treatment concepts

  11:00 Peri-implantitis: How this affects patients
  11:30 Peri-implantitis: The choice of treatment approaches
  12:00 The influence of prosthodontic procedures on peri-implantitis
  12:30 Panel discussion
  13:00 Lunch


  14:30 Closing session
  15:30 Panel discussion
  15:45 ITI awards
  16:15 Closing
  16:30 End of ITI World Symposium 2020

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ITI World Symposium | Singapore May 14-16 2020