Managing the elderly with new implant types and approches

  08:15 Choosing between fixed and removable options for full arches
  08:45 Choosing the right strategies to reduce the treatment burden and invasiveness for elderly patients
  09:15 Digital workflow in the treatment of fully edentulous patients
  09:45 Panel discussion
  10:00 Coffee break

Breakout Sessions: The challenge of choice

  10:45 Graft, graftless or graft "less"?
  11:00 Oral rehabilitation planning: Digital vs conventional
  11:15 Titanium or ceramic implant in the esthetic zone
  11:30 "Crazy ridge: Asians!"
  11:45 Workflow pathways: When analog, when digital, when both
  12:00 Treatment strategy for edentulous maxilla with implant overdenture
  12:15 Different treatment protocol for Pro-Arch patients
  12:30 From the side or from the bottom, which side are you on?
  12:45 Panel discussion

Young Breakout Session

  10:45 Program will be published in early September 2019
  13:00 Lunch

Ridge preservation and bone augmentation procedures

  14:30 When to extract, place and restore: the challenge of choice?
  15:00 The choice of augmentation biomaterials: Out of the bone or out of the bottle?
  15:30 Ridge preservation: Does it work and is it a viable option in the esthetic zone?
  16:00 Coffee break

Soft tissue esthetic complications

  16:45 Etiology of soft tissue esthetic complications
  17:15 Soft tissue grafting or implant removal?
  17:45 Managing soft tissue esthetic complications by prosthodontic options
  18:15 Panel discussion
  18:45 End of day 2
  19:30 Straumann Party

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